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Stand-out silhouettes has made Sherri Hill a top Dress Designer in the industry. After the straight, angular silhouettes of the 1920s that played down the curves of a woman’s figure the clothing styles of the 30s once again celebrated the female form.

From wild animal prints to deep reds, purples and greens, and lace or applique finishing’s, Sherri Hill's creations demand the attention of anyone treated to a glimpse of their wearers. Hemlines remained at around ankle or shin length and rose a bit higher toward the end of the decade.

Feature products for the woman who is as comfortable in swirling, night sky inspired cocktail dresses as she is sweeping feathers and fringes. The depression influenced fashion in that clothing manufacturers began incorporating less expensive fabrics.

This designer, and look like she'd walked in from a different world each time she entered the room. The “Big Band Era” and the “Golden Age of Hollywood” and the glamorous fashions worn by entertainers and silver screen stars heavily influenced the styles of that era.

Lightweight cottons in pretty small to medium floral or deco influenced geometric prints. Iconic evening looks include elegant backless gowns in velvets and body clinging sensuous satin. Wedding-guest dresses that look as good at the ceremony as they do at the after party.

Thin belts worn at natural waistline. Skirts with V shaped yokes below the waist that followed the line of the hips then flared out from the knee ending in tiers, folds, tiers or layers. These dresses scream sophistication, but there are plenty of designs which are playful enough to suit younger women as well as those with a bit more maturity.

Strappy sandals for evening, often in metallic shades and/or mesh. The peep toe was introduced. Platform heels became popular at the end of the decade. There are as many possibilities for the woman who's just out to have some fun as there are for someone of a more serious mindset on a more formal occasion.

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