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Whether you are reaching for the next level in your career or embracing a lifestyle change, developing a style that is in sync with who you are says to everyone who sees you. If you belong to the women who are working in an office from 8 to 6.

It’s not about beauty; it’s about being inherently individual, distinctive, and many times original. The TIP is to always wear heels, a very smart/feminine top, a blazer and a professional bag.

It is the Enchanting by MyDressLine Summer 2019 Bridal Collection, aka, a lineup of wedding dresses that is about to seriously rock your world. This look is for all those sexy women who rule the world, and would rather do it in bright lips.

If you ignore your personal style and only buy clothes because they are the latest “must haves” or trends of the season. The TIP is always in the posh fabulous heels. Expensive perfumes, rich fabrics, pencil skirts long trousers.

It was not reflecting your “personal style”. It’s important to understand and respect what is most comfortable for you to wear, what feels like you. It’s easy to do but it needs training, so experiment away and have fun with clothes.

Each design is crafted to make every bride feel sophisticated and glamorous. Here are the five most often referenced fashion personality types and characteristics of each. This is an easy pea’s look if you are the kind of girl who loves flow flirty dresses.

MyDressLine has many designer and manufacturer like Tarik Ediz, Terani Couture, Tinaholy and many more who design of mid-to-high end wedding gowns. It’s all about the hem. Wear knee-length or over-the-knee dresses.

You like comfortable clothing – sportswear that’s suitable for active sports and casual lifestyles. This look is not for the faint hearted ones, nor for all work domains, although if you may say so, one can add a slight edge to any look and get away with it.

The highest quality materials, details, and exquisite styling make each MyDressLine Bridal wedding gown a true work of art. The TIP is to remember you are still going to work, so mix and match statement and simple.

A flirty silk jersey peplum. Well never fear, we’ve done the hard search for you. Browse MyDressLine's Collection which suit any personal style.

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