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MyDressLine we've got mother of the bride and mother of the groom dresses that will look, feel, and fit fabulously. While classic reds and pinks are a quintessential choice, rich maroons in sensuous textures.

Say goodbye to dull ideas about how an MOB should dress and enter a world of exquisite details, sophisticated silhouettes, and figure-flattering designs. So don't even get us started on what happens once Valentine's Day rolls around.

These popular styles are guaranteed to make you look (and feel) gorgeous on your daughter or son's big day. The once freshly Swiffer floors are replaced by a mountain range of discarded clothing.

Try a delicate lace sleeve, which covers up while still showing some skin. We’ve rounded up 10 dresses that will not only keep you sane but will also have you exuding some good old-fashioned confidence.

The following are some things to consider when selecting between dresses. You can go for a chicer look by wearing a pair of golden pumps and taking a small clutch with you.

You want to wear something you will be comfortable in and something that fits the feel of the wedding. You may put on a black or white fur coat instead of the simple coat.

The theme or type of wedding you are attending will affect the fabrics and design of any dress you wear. Choose a pink and red dress for when you can't decide between the most feminine colors.

If you like your legs, you may want to go with an above-the-knee or just-below-the-knee dress. Which is universally flattering, and something tight and revealing is a better aphrodisiac than any plate of oysters.

It is important to try on potential dresses so that you can be sure that it highlights your strengths and hides your perceived flaws. Kitten heels with a retro ankle strap are sweet and sexy. Strappy shoes provide the right amount of skin.

The perfect style to fit your special event, and get expert answers to your mother of the bride dress questions. Just stay here and check them out! You may get more ideas.

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