We know how important and yet overwhelming this thing is for us, because been there done that. Proud that’s why I am pitching in to talk all about it and make life easier for you. Let’s start with the basic and go through the process a step by step guide to choose.

Before you have a look at the types of dresses, let me give you a few lessons in basics that might seem trivial but actually are just the opposite. This will perhaps be the first time you will wear a gown or a dress that will be special for really long.

You need to invest your time so the point is to start planning well in advance. Budget your expense which might be the most important part of any big shopping affairs in any dam condition.

Have cushion space to hover around any unforeseen expenses. More often than not there will be a plus here or a minus there in here or a minus there in the original budget. Getting it stitched or buying a ready to wear one.

Either way there will be a few alterations to be made so go over the details again start at least a few weeks in advance. If you procrastinate thinking you have all the time in the world you are wrong.

As the day near and with so much to look into you will be pressed for time. If there is a theme in mind from a movie or show you watched as a kid from one of the magazine covers draw inspiration.

Getting inspire helps because you will need it and it’s a good place to start and a reference when you start planning you need to understand your body type which we will be talking about in a bit. But be aware of your body and what suits well.

That is like half the battle won a known body type and budget will automatically give you a better understanding to narrow down further, the fabric is the next big piece of the puzzle pick a cloth that complements your body type.

The color of the dress might seem frivolous but it makes a lot of difference to keep in mind the theme, your body type fabric etc. before you zero in one. One of those negotiable details, nevertheless, be prepared.

The excitement stars way before the actual event and sticks around well after it’s over. Asking out saying yes to a date, planning a party, discussion with friends surfing the internet for ideas and of course most importantly the dress.