MEET the Beautifully Design Dresses: Collection of Jovani 2017!!!

Across the collection, Jovani dresses offer a range of selections suited to numerous types of occasions. JOVANI began its vision of becoming a top contender in women's formal, evening, pageant, prom, red carpet, and cocktail garments in 2007, and in just a few short years has quickly become a powerful force in the highly competitive couture industry.

There are formal pieces, such as the Shimmering Teal Maxi-Gown, the Black Mermaid Gown, and the Gilded Teal Mermaid Gown, not to mention the Gold and Black Ball Gown.

The Gunmetal Maxi-Gown, which can be used with confidence as part of a wedding party’s look, for bridesmaids or others, participating in the ceremony. There are also dresses which are perfect for Proms, with their flashy decoration and age-appropriate cuts and silhouettes.

Finally, if you’re just looking for somewhere to go on a fun night out and a dress to wear while you do it, shorter mini-gowns including the Short and Sleek Gown.

The Fringe Benefits Mini-Gown show off your figure – particularly your legs – while showcasing your natural curves and vivacious spirit.

If you’re desperate for something that suits a more professional setting, why not opt for the Suit Me up Mini Dress? This business-like attire will definitely leave an impression on your colleagues and clients!

MyDressLine consistently deliver top-notch quality with a commitment to excellence that is second to none. We quickly earned admiration for our unique, elegant, fashion- forward styles that highlight the female silhouette.

Many have tried to copy JOVANI's designs, but none have ever delivered with the quality and commitment to excellence that we do.

JOVANI takes pride in serving a customer base crossing all over the world. MyDressLine's gowns design by Jovani have won awards and been worn at competitions, both national and international.

Our team is available to happily assist you with all your questions. Allow us to help you achieve your desired style. Browse our Jovani collection and feel center of attraction.

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