Alberto Makali carries a wide range of prom dresses, including the perfect prom dress for your special occasion. We have prom gowns in a vast array of colors, styles, lengths, and fabrics. We can also help you find the prom dress that's right for you.

We have the gown you want in your favorite color, from glowing white to blazing red, and from icy blue to midnight black. We also have numerous styles available in beautiful floral prints, a perfect match for your spring fling!

From off-the-shoulder dresses to unique two-piece dresses, the glitz and glam of designer dresses by Alberto Makali will steal the spotlight at any event. Choose a gorgeous prom dress adorned with fine rhinestones, lace appliques, and intricately detailed embroidery to achieve a look of pure elegance.

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There are high-low floral print dresses with sweetheart bodices and two-piece floral print dresses adorned with illusion tops and tiered chiffon skirts. Whether you’re looking for an ultra girly prom dress with a corset back or the timeless elegance of a long black formal gown, Alberto Makali is the designer for you.

Billowing skirts, sleek fabrics, and fun and funky plunging neckline prints make Alberto Makali dresses perfect for occasions where the point is to see and be seen. These dresses have all the drama one would expect to find on a cool night at a hot, heady party.

At home beside a glass of champagne and in stilettos, any woman in a Alberto Makali dress will ooze sophisticated confidence, and artsier types will find the muse may have an easier time discovering them as they sashay through crowded ballrooms and hallways in one of this season's Alberto Makali dresses.

Alberto Makali dresses are sure to cause a sensation, and are perfect for high-profile occasions where the last thing one wants to do is blend into the crowd. For balls and charity fundraisers, they can be easily matched to themes that suit each piece - for a benefit to raise money for animal-based charities, the animal prints are too perfect for words, while gala ball gowns for artists and high society balls use the romance of each era to make the dresses' wearers stand out while fitting in.

Alberto Makali's shorter dresses call for striking, bold accessories - shoes that shout the colors picked up from the piece as a whole, bangles and clutches that pull the outfit together into a coherent whole. Choose your color, size, length and style from our convenient filtering options. You can also save your favorites to purchase later, show your friends, or get expert opinions.

We also believe that a young woman's beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, so we have prom dresses available in sizes ranging from 00 to 28. When you want to make an impression at your prom, spring formal, or other special occasion, you'll impress the whole room with a dress from the Alberto Makali 2018 prom dress collection!